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December 06, 2023

"The Best Way to predict the Future
Is to create it."

Peter Drucker
                                        Management Thinker

Will Marshall is dedicated to helping Americans rediscover the importance of free enterprise to their freedom by:

  • Explaining the relationship between free enterprise and freedom;
  • Encouraging teens and young adults to become Millionaires for less than $5.00 a day (age dependent) through the TEEN-Millionaire Movement using the TEEN FACTORTM  —Facebook Page: TEEN Millionaire Movement;
  • Demonstrating that free enterprise and capitalism are NOT the same thing;
  • Introducing and explaining how to eliminate the Defect in the practice of free enterprise that has (1) destroyed the level playing field of free enterprise, (2) increased wealth disparity in the United States, (3)  wastes 15-20% of GNP annually, (4) converted America from a nation of wealth creators into a nation of wealth shifters, and (5) and made a lottery out of the livelihood, life's savings and freedom of ALL Americans  —Facebook Page: Rediscovering Free Enterprise;
  • Introducing a new, third leg of economic policy based on innovation which will compliment monetary and fiscal policy to create economic freedom;
  • Restoring accountability and ethics to free markets by introducing: (1) a new Free Enterprise EthicTM, and (2) introducing a new metric which is faithful to the principle of rewarding people for creating economic value, not wealth shifting;
  • Teaching novice and experienced investors how to put cash in their pockets through the Rich Shareowner, Poor ShareownerTM books and his investor-centered ODDS-ON InvestingTM approach;
  • Coaching corporate directors, officers and managers to be effective (not merely efficient) at creating economic value for Shareowners through the five actions that they control to create value (See Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner): and,
  • Encouraging citizens to demand that policrats (politicians and bureaucrats) eliminate the Defect in the practice of free enterprise.

Implementation of these ideas will result in a greening of free enterprise that makes the thesis of man-made global warming pale to insignificance.

Please enjoy this website. Your questions and suggestions are welcome. If you find my website, books and seminars helpful, please recommend them to others.

PLEASE NOTE: I am constantly look to partner with parents, grandparents, educators, political and civic organizations who would like to begin a TEEN-Millionaire Movement in their school, college or church. Please see the TEEN Millionaire Instructor and TEEN Millionaire in College pages of this website.

You may contact me on this website, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

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            Will Marshall


Will's Books
Money Ain't Free Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner

John Wiley & Sons’ highly regarded Stock Trader’s Almanac named my first two books, Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner (in 2003) and Money Ain’t Free (in 2006), as “(one of) the Year’s Top Investment Books.”

They make great gifts for any investor or manager.

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