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What can I do to Earn/Save the Money I need to become a Millionaire?

Below are some of many creative ideas that you can use to earn the daily amount of money that you need to become a millionaire. There are also some blank spaces that you can use to write the ideas that you will personally use to begin your millionaire journey. Don't be afraid to write down any idea. You can always check it out to see if it makes sense later...

Bottom line: There are plenty of ways to make money if you decide that you are going to do it, and then act...Share ideas with like-minded friends...Form your own Teen MillionaireTM club to help each other.

After you save the money, the TM Investing page of this website suggest some ideas on how you can invest your money to make it work as hard for you as you worked for it.

Please send your ideas via Contact Will so that we can add them to this website for others to use.

Idea $/Day $/Yr
Put loose change in a jar at day’s end. Deposit in your bank account monthly. $.50 $182
Put all dollar bills in a jar at day’s end. Deposit in your bank account weekly. 2.00 730
Coffee (Buy at a gas station vs Starbucks) .75 274
Lunch (Drink water vs soda or buy the small size and refill) 1.00 365
Designer Water (Buy a bottle once a week and refill at water fountain when no one is looking.) 2.00 730
Lunch: Brown Bag or no desert 1.00 250
Car Pool 3.00 750
Buy Generic foods etc. vs Name Brand 2.00 730
Work Overtime 10.00 2,500
GET A JOB or AN EXTRA JOB. Ideas follow:
Newspaper Route (7 days/week) 10.00 2,500
Tutor Service (2 days a week) 30 3,000
Work in a neighbor’s home business (e.g. 3 days/wk typing/researching/ mailing items-order fulfillment) 15.00 2,250
Pet Grooming (Saturdays) 50.00 2,500
Pet Sitting/ walking (5 days /wk) 15.00 4,500
Braid Horse Manes at horse shows 20 days/yr) 300.00 6,000
Doing shopping chores for neighbors (5 days/wk) 15.00 4,500
Mowing Lawns (60 days/yr) 50.00 3,000
Raking Leaves (20 days/yr) 20.00 400
Shoveling Snow (15 days/ yr) 30.00 450
Baking Pies for local restaurants/ shops (2 days/wk) 30.00 3,000
Working in a restaurant/ gas station / store (5 days/ wk) 30.00 7,500

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