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Will speaks to diverse audiences (high school, university, college, civic, church, political and business groups) on diverse topics with a common theme: how free enterprise works to create economic value, and the importance of free enterprise to our freedom...In presentations to parents, grandparents and young people, his goal is to help young people to create their personal economic freedom for less than the price of a latte per day.

Will does not charge for speaking to most groups. He encourages purchases of his books to further understanding of his topics.

Contact Will: Through this (1) website, (2) wmmarshall@aol.com, or (3) Facebook "Teen Millionaire Movement". 

Will's Current Topics are listed here and profiled in detail below:

             I. Rediscovering free Enterprise: Freedom's Imperative 

             II. So, You want to be a Millionaire? (The TEEN Millionaire Movement)

             III. The B-A-D Baby Millionaire Seminar

             IV. How BOTH Managers and Shareowners create Value for Shareowners

             V. Rich Shareowner, Poor ShareownerTM  Investing Series



Audience: Business Groups, Service Clubs, Concerned Citizens, Political Groups, Church Groups, University Audiences

Time: Customized 25-60 minute PowerPoint Presentation

This unique, original presentation addresses three simple questions:
  • What is the purpose of free enterprise?
  • Why do those intent on destroying free enterprise understand its purpose better than we do?
  • Why is there a Defect in the practice of free enterprise that has (1) destroyed the level playing field of free enterprise, (2) increased wealth disparity in the United States, (3) wasted 20 % of GNP annually, (4) converted America from a nation of wealth creators into a nation of wealth shifters, and (5) made a lottery out of the livelihood, life savings and freedom of ALL Americans?

The presentation answers these questions and concludes with an elegant, innovative 4-point agenda to resolve the problem.

Every American should hear this presentation before he uses the Defect to further destroy his children's freedom.  

II. So, You want to be a Millionaire (Teen Edition)

Audience: High School Classes and Individual Teens (Note: A 2 hour College Edition is also offered.)

Time: 2-1/2 hours  PowerPoint Presentation

Every teen should take this course before graduating from high school. Teens know how to buy consumer products; this course teaches them how to buy their economic freedom for as little as $3.36 a day.

Created for high school seniors and juniors, this 3 hour interactive PowerPoint seminar explains how the TEEN FACTOR™ can make 15-year-olds millionaires for only $3.36/day. Using a technique that Einstein called, "the most powerful force in the universe", this seminar teaches the three things that virtually any teen can do to ensure that s/he becomes a millionaire. When teens leave the seminar, they will have a road map in the form of the TEEN Millionaire Planner that they can discuss with their parents/grandparents to become millionaires.

High School teachers, Parents or teens interested in this program should contact Will through this website or in the Champaign, IL area, Bruce Henrikson, Department Chair, Business and Agri-industries at Parkland College. Full high school classes of approximately 30 per session are invited to attend on a first come-first served basis at Parkland College on select dates in the fall and spring semesters.

Student Attendee Comments:
"I didn’t know it would be that easy to be a millionaire."
"It opened my eyes to a lot more things than just people telling me I have to save and never telling me how."
"It wasn’t boring like other seminars I’ve been to. I actually learned something."
"You can make a million dollars without a perfect job or perfect grades."
"I learned you can be rich if you save. I learned a lot about stocks & portfolios. I decided I am going to be a millionaire."

Teacher Attendee Comments:
"Very informative and good for young people to know early."
"Step by step on how to save. Very easy presentation to follow.
"Student involvement was good. Teen level PowerPoint-colorful, catchy graphics, etc. Mr. Marshall put terminology/explanations on H.S. student level... Breaks/snacks of candy & sodas worked for kids!"
"Very informative from a different point of view..."

Guidance Counselor Attendee Comments:
"Very Valuable Info!"
"... this information should be required for every high school student. If so may(be) our whole economy could be made healthier. Consumer Ed in high school cannot cover this information adequately. By the time the students realize that they need to save, it is too late."
"Mr. Marshall explained the concepts of saving very well. This workshop is needed! In fact it ought to be mandatory for all graduating seniors."
"It made basic concepts of financial planning very understandable for high school students. The literature and graphics were excellent. Thank you!"


III. The B-A-D Baby Millionaire Seminar

Audience: Parents, Grandparents  and relatives of new babies and anyone with children under age 12.

Time: 1-1/2 hours (including discussion) PowerPoint Presentation

Suppose you could make your new baby a millionaire for a Buck-A-Day? Suppose you could make a child under twelve a millionaire for less than the price of a Latte-A-Day? In a one hour seminar parents and grandparents learn how to use what Einstein called, "the most powerful force in the universe" to make their child a millionaire. But as importantly, they will learn why they should want to do it, and how it affects their new baby's freedom in the future.  But there is another reason for doing this that adults need to think about.

The federal debt (not to mention the state, local and unfunded pension, Social security and ObamaCare) that we leave to those under age 25 is $190,000 per person ($20 trillion/105 million Americans under age 25). 50% of Americans pay no federal income tax, therefore, those who do inherit $380,000 of federal debt per person. Furthermore, each couple that eventually marries and pays federal income tax inherits $760,000 of debt from us. While individually, we sometimes feel impotent to do anything about the federal debt, we can do something to restore the economic freedom that they lose. Parents/grandparents can put a Buck-A-Day into a B-A-D Baby Millionaire account. If invested in a mutual fund earning 9% p.a. over the long run, the baby will have $1 million at age 65 to offset the higher taxes and inflation that s/he will inherit from us .

QUESTION: Is your child's/grandchild's economic freedom worth a Buck-A-Day?

Comment from a Grandparent: "Your calculations are VERY scary... and (I am) concerned that at least 51% of the country has NO clue of those facts and the ultimate impact." 


IV. How BOTH Managers and Shareowners Create Value for Shareowners

Audience: Corporate Officers, Directors, Shareowners and as a seminar within a capstone course at a business or graduate business school. Especially valuable as an on-site customized seminar for Corporate Officers to get different disciplines focused on what drives the growth of Enterprise Value and therefore, share price.

Time: Customized: 1-3 hour (including discussion) PowerPoint Presentation


Will explains how BOTH managers and Shareowners create value for Shareowners using the ideas in his book Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner™.

In plain English Will describes the three factors that cause stock prices to change, the five drivers of Shareowner Value that managers control, and a powerful technique that enables managers to manage high and low margin, high and low capital-intensive businesses side by side. In the process he identifies a corporate goal pyramid that creates a corporate culture which embraces change and the creation of Shareowner Value.

The ideas Will describes will be like the "second coming" of the quality process in terms of changing global business culture in the 21st century. It will reinvent the process of innovation in corporations.


V. Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner ™ Investing Series

Audience: For Investors and Mangers

By arrangement with a Community College, College or University usually as an evening seminar for the community.

Seminars for individual investors using concepts in Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner™ and Money Ain’t Free to help investors understand basic principles of personal wealth creation either through direct stock investing or through the use of mutual funds. The series consists of the following three-hour seminars:

  • Beginning Investing, or So, You want to be a Millionaire
    Designed for new investors of all ages, this course is especially good for people entering the workforce or new to investing. In plain English, the course introduces types of investments, need to know terminology, reliable sources of investing information, how to open an investing account, and how anyone under age 40 can become a millionaire through common sense and three simple techniques. It provides insights on how those over 40 can increase their nest egg. Attendees leave with a short step by step workbook to achieve their first million or increase their retirement savings.
  • Stock Investing
    This seminar uses plain English to help you understand the basics of how to invest in the stock market. Topics include how a company creates value, how to value a company and how to identify value in a stock. A technique for addressing both value and growth companies is presented. For brand new investors, the suggested prerequisite is "So, You want to be a Millionaire?". Parkland Attendees will receive a copy of Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner™
  • Stock Investing Applications
    This seminar is designed to apply the concepts learned in Stock Investing. The instructor will show you how to use the internet to analyze stocks selected by the instructor, as well as stocks that you bring to class. You will leave the class knowing how to apply and integrate value and momentum investing, better personal rules for buying and selling stocks, and better knowledge of online resources to support you stock investing. Suggested prerequisite: Stock Investing.
  • Mutual Fund Investing
    This seminar is designed to help you to understand how to invest in mutual funds. Topics include asset mix, types of mutual funds, how to select good mutual funds, how to buy mutual funds, how to manage a mutual fund portfolio and how to get better performance. Most stock investors want to compliment their stocks with mutual funds. Parkland Attendees will receive a copy of Money Ain’t Free by Will Marshall. Suggested prerequisite for new investors: "So, You want to be a Millionaire."
  • Mutual Fund Investing Applications
    This seminar is designed to apply the concepts learned in Mutual Fund Investing. The instructor will use online resources to help you analyze mutual funds. You will also discuss asset mix and leave with a list of potential mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) for your portfolio. You will leave with the knowledge to use online resources to select and analyze your own mutual funds and ETFs. Suggested prerequisite: Mutual Fund Investing.
  • Odds-On Investing™ Workshop
    This semi-annual forum is designed for investors who have taken the Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner™ Investing Series more than three months ago. This workshop responds to questions, provides updates and some more advanced topics on the market, individual stock selection, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. Participants can bring stocks and mutual funds for discussion and will leave class with improved tools for their investing. Odds-On INVESTING™ explains how to integrate value and growth, fundamental and technical, and common sense into a single investing style.



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