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Each of us has a few thoughts worth repeating. Mine result from conversations with Taylor—my daughter's horse.
I trust that the horse sense in these insights will be useful on a sleepless night—or in your life and investing.


A fool and his freedom are soon parted.

Freedom is a journey, not a destination.
It is a way of living, not an event.

Capital punishment
is what happens to your money
when you’re not watching it.

No one really knows why cattle stampede...
But, you don’t have to think like a cow
to know they’re stampeding.

If you must follow a lead steer,
watch where you step.

America was a nation of wealth creators.
We have become a nation of wealth shifters.

Value Proposition:
Judge a man by his deeds,
not his words.

Best Practice:
Judge a man by his deeds,
not his words.

If you think that the crisis in corporate responsibility is over,
then you don’t know what caused it,
and you may become its next victim.

Political Correctness
is the great euthanasia of elite
and masses alike.
It substitutes peer pressure
for facts
and opinion for reasoned thought.

Self-deception is devious.
The deceived doesn’t know it.

Weakness can be the source of insight,
but not the source of strength.

Freedom is not anarchy.

Selling stock short
Is selling America short.

If stock were labeled
like consumer’s products,
there would be a lot of inventory
on the shelves-
and more than a few recalls.

Corporate America is producing defective product-
its own stock.

The Investor’s Final Roundup:
Buy cash (Enterprise Value) when it’s on sale.
Never hold a delusion.
It’s a game.
And, you can’t take it with you.

cannot defy the laws of gravity

In politics
spin can alter reality.
In finance
  it merely defers the inevitable.

I’ve always been able to spend cash.
I’ve never been able to spend an accounting number.

Cash, not numbers derived from accounting rules,
is society’s measure and store of value.

A society that makes a lottery
out of a lifetime of work,
has prescribed a recipe for anarchy
and its own demise.

An ounce of prevention
is a
best practice.

Absolute fidelity to the wrong measure
is absolute infidelity.

Once a horse throws you off, ...
it’s too late to stay on.

It’s the cowboy way
to get back on after a horse tosses you,
but whenever possible,
it’s better to out-think the horse
and avoid the inconvenience.

By intelligent design, nature is a continuum of chaos-
a community in which man resides and,
which man like a butterfly, can effect.

A culture’s metrics reflect and contribute to creating its values.
If the metrics are based on a defective math model that motivates waste,
inhibits innovation and destroys the freedom and financial security of its citizens,
then that—not political rhetoric—is the true measure of the nation’s values.

In order to survive and evolve,
a culture must institutionalize core values
or the values dissipate and the culture dissolves.

Some have said that change is the only constant in life.
With poetic license, I say that even change is not constant.
The rate of change keeps changing.

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