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Play the Odds: Sell the Acquirer

One of the most reliable sell signals is to sell the acquirer when the target company is greater than twenty percent of the size of the acquirer.
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The Folly of Investing for Dividend Yields

What does it profit to earn a high dividend yield and lose your money in a falling stock price?
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Initial Public Offerings ("IPOs"):

Trojan Horse IPOs:
The Next Way to Lose Money

How do you know a good IPO investment from a Trojan Horse IPO that will destroy value?
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Share Repurchases:

Share Repurchases ("Stock Buybacks") Can be Dangerous to Your Money

How can you tell if management is creating (or destroying) value for you when they do a share buyback?
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Stock Ownership:

Responsibility in an "Ownership" Society

Stocks are consumer products that are labeled worse than a can of soup. An "ownership Society" in which individuals are expected to be responsible for their own financial security cannot exist unless society fulfills its responsibility to “owners”.
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