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"(One of the) Year’s Top Investment Books ...
A charming business novel ..."

Stock Trader’s Almanac: 2003

In an easily absorbed style Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner explains the five things that managers can do to create value for Shareowners, and the two things that investors must do to create value for themselves. Presented as a business novel set at a Colorado dude ranch, this book makes readers better investors, better managers and more informed citizens…


"(One of the) Year’s Top Investment Books ...
Interesting approach that would appeal to Warren Buffett ..."

Stock Trader’s Almanac: 2006

In the shadow of the trillion-dollar, sub-prime mortgage crisis Money Ain’t Free becomes even more important. It identifies the core defect in the way that we practice free enterprise that is a greater threat to our long term competitiveness, financial security and freedom than the sub-prime mortgage crisis. This defect goes to the very heart of free enterprise and free markets. It has already made America less competitive by converting business culture into a nation of wealth shifters rather than wealth creators. This book presents a free market approach to eliminating the defect…

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