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Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner
by Will Marshalll

Named one of ‘Year’s Top Investment Books’... "Charming business novel set in a Colorado dude ranch addresses what creates value for Shareowners and effective techniques investors need to know in order to avoid future Enrons, WorldComs, Global Crossings, and other bombs."

Stock Trader’s Almanac: 2003

"Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner!: Common Sense For Investors And Managers! by Will Marshall is a basic shareholder money matters guide that presents its core principles in very easy-to-understand format of anecdotes and vignettes. Individual chapters cogently address the definition of shareowner value, determining the 'cost of capital', how acquisitions can actually erode shareholder value, and much, much more. An excellent introduction to the conflicting, varied, and sometimes financially perilous world of the share market, Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner! is very strongly recommended reading for anyone who is investing in today's volatile stock market."

The Midwest Book Review

"Tome on the range ......

"Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner" tells the story of how a New York investment banker and other guests at a contemporary dude ranch in the San Juans learn the secrets of how companies create value for shareholders.

Hey, if you can make it to the bestseller list with a story about mice and cheese, you can do it with cowpokes and dudes."

Denver Business Journal

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