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Readers’ Praise
Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner
by Will Marshall

"Where do I begin? Well let me state that the book ‘Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner’ written by Will Marshall is one of the best business books I have read in the last 25 years. This book is on a par with Kenichi Ohmae’s book ‘The Mind of the Strategist", a seminal book on strategic planning in business.

This book should be a standard text book for all businessmen, whether in the blue chip multinationals, or enterprising executives and CEOs of start ups, early stage and turnaround small to medium enterprises. (S.M.E.)...

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CEO, European High-tech, Multinational

"We are very honored to be part of (Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner)"

Rainbow Trout Ranch
San Juan Mountains
Antonito, Colorado

"Absolutely superb –you should be on the Best Seller list shortly. I have never seen the subject treated so well."

Corporate Director and Retired Major General

"It’s terrific, and I still reflect on your character and integrity comments. Well done."

CFO, Fortune 100 company

"I finished your book. ... I have to tell you that I was very impressed with it. It was an easy read that dealt with some fairly sophisticated topics. ... Like your book points out, it’s all simply common sense! ... If I have one criticism of your first literary effort, it’s the notable absence of sex and violence. Add a little sex and violence to your winning formula and Hollywood would be knocking down your door for the film rights."

CFO, public company

"I’ve finished the book. I think it’s terrific. I love the way you tied the finance into a dude ranch setting. You’ve made it all sound so simple, which is the greatest part of the book. It’s a good reference tool for people to keep handy. ... I’ll be referring back to it often."

Manager, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fortune 500 company

"MAKES UNDERSTANDING SIMPLER. While on a dude ranch, the vacationers are given an insight into the world of finance with an easy to follow and interesting narrative. This book helps to explain the basic principles of ownership of a company, what to look for when investing and what to stay away from, all while out riding the range and bringing in the herd!! Helps even the beginner in the investment market to understand what the terms mean and how to apply them."

Barnes and Noble Web Site Customer Review:
‘A reviewer, an avid reader’: 5 stars out of 5

"I loved your book (Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner) I’m new to stocks and like your common sense approach..."

A new stock investor

"... we were extremely impressed with the high quality of Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner ..."

Chairman, WHA Literary Awards
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

"I am reading your book with pleasure. (It is) a great way to teach ‘executives, businessmen and investors’ in things that they must know. Your contribution to the financial world will be recognized very soon."

Group Vice President, Fortune 500 industrial company

"I enjoyed your book immensely...."

Professor of Economics and Finance
and Chief Investment Strategist at a Foundation

"This is the book I wish I had read a few months ago. Will Marshall has provided tools that will make me a wiser investor and a better manager. The concepts presented in this book cut to the heart of accurately determining, tracking and growing the value of an enterprise - critical tools for the business investor and manager alike.

The information is presented in an enjoyable to read story format. ..... An easy to read and informative book."

Manager, Fortune 50 industrial company

"Business books usually present the same level of satisfaction to the reader as a serving of steamed broccoli – fulfilling and valuable though less enticing than the main course. But Marshall’s book is different. Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner presents important and valuable instruction on business valuation and investment as part of an enjoyable read. Marshall weaves his business issues around a gentle story filled with lively dialogue among interesting characters in charming settings. Lead by a sage cowboy, the reader is guided through complex concepts at a comfortable pace, fed in bite-size pieces. The result is an effective combination of instruction and entertainment that should be the goal of all educators and authors. This book teaches; it is the main course."

Division Vice President,
Mergers and Acquisitions, multi-billion dollar company

"In these times of financial uncertainty, our members want to be sure that they are making the right decisions about where and how to invest their limited funds. Your narrative about a young woman’s search for what would make her a successful and independent citizen is a valuable lesson for every individual who wants to be a profitable shareholder."

President, National Education Association

"Will Marshall has found a way to teach even the non-financial public about Shareowner value. It’s a book everyone should read! He has taken a difficult topic and made it user friendly by building a story around the financial information. Will’s common sense approach to creating value for the Shareowner is something every company should apply."

Amazon.com Website Customer Review
‘A reviewer from Downer’s Grove, IL’: 5 stars out of 5

"Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner was a delightfully easy way to learn the most basic, but important keys to successful business. It is a straight shooting, fun, easy way for our managers and members of my finance team to learn about EVA (‘Economic Value Added’). Every officer and manger needs to know, share and apply these important EVA lessons. Those that don’t are on borrowed time."

CFO, billion dollar specialty steel company

"Thank you for sending me a copy of your book. It looks as though it contains some good common sense suggestions that we could benefit from in this very challenging business environment."

CEO, multi billion dollar mail order retailer

" I have finished reading your book and will hopefully now become a ‘Richer Shareowner’. I have recommended it to several people."


"I have already read portions of (Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner) and find it both entertaining and informative. You are clearly off to an excellent start in your new career."

Partner, global legal firm

"My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your newly published book. ... I’ve got several ideas that I’d like to explore with you."


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