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Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner™ Resources
(* Especially recommended)

This section contains publications, media and websites which may prove useful in both investing and your investment education. Please recommend other resources that have been helpful to you, so that we can share them. wmmarshall@aol.com


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*Investors Business Daily www.investors.com The Wall Street Journal www.wsj.com


*Kiplingers Personal Finance ($14.95/Yr) www.kipplinger.com Money ($14.95/Yr) www.cnnmoney.com


(Here is a suggested sequence for new investors)

  • *The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach (The way most people can save.)
  • Start Late, Finish Rich by David Bach
  • The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me by Richard Paul Evans (How to Save)
  • *The Stock Trader’s Almanac by Yale & Jeffrey Hirsch, (Excellent daily reference)
  • How Buffett does It by James Pardoe (Introduction to Value investing)
  • *The Tao of Warren Buffett by Marry Buffett & David Clark (Insights to Value investing)
  • Warren Buffett and the Interpretation of Financial Statements by Mary Buffett & David Clark ( Very helpful plain English insight into what to look for in financial statements.)
  • *The Successful Investor by William J. O’Neil (Introduction to Technical/Momentum Analysis—How to read charts.)
  • How to Make Money in Stocks by William J. O’Neil (A broader insight into stock investing for new investors, but not as detailed and helpful experienced investors in interpreting stocks as The Successful Investor.)
  • How to Make Money selling Stocks Short by William J. O’Neil ( While I do not believe in selling stocks short, this book provides charting insights on how to identify weak stocks and therefore provided insights on stocks not to buy.)
  • *Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner by Will Marshall (Integration of Value and Momentum Investing.)
  • *Money Ain’t Free by Will Marshall (The defect that causes the continuing corporate crisis)
  • The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham (Value investing: Warren Buffett’s favorite. Second stage education.)
  • Securities Analysis by Graham and Dodd (The most read work on value investing. Second stage education.)
  • *The “Dummies” books on Stock Investing, Mutual Fund Investing, & Personal Finance

TEEN Millionaire Movement Seminars:

TEEN Millionaire Movement Seminars and Clubs can be arranged. More information is available on the Will' Speaking Topics page of www.will-marshall.com and the Teen Millionaire Movement pages of www.will-marshall.com.


*X-M and Sirius satellite radio and www.bloomberg.com carry the Bloomberg channel, which is a useful source of Wall Street thinking on market movements day by day.


Caution: listening to pundits, and acting on what you hear without a good understanding of what to listen for can be VERY hazardous to your wealth.

Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Fox Business channel are good contemporaneous info on what is happening in the market during the day.

CNBC carries the show Mad Money with Jim Crammer. It is entertaining and a way to see how a stock analyst thinks. But it is VERY dangerous. It is one of many sources of stocks FOR FURTHER RESEARCH. Less than 5% of his recommendations are worthwhile. Most are too extended or too late.


Please see the TEEN Millionaire Movement page on Facebook and www.will-marshall.com.

Bloomberg’s website gives you access to free streaming Bloomberg radio and TV. The radio is an excellent educational tool to see what pundits and traders think is causing market action throughout the day. I wouldn’t trade on it.

This website offers a search tool to find Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) who can help families to develop financial plans customized to address life events such as college savings, insurance and estate taxes.

* www.fidelity.com
This is the award winning Fidelity Investments website and is a useful benchmark to judge other broker’s websites. It is a benchmark research tool for equities, fixed income and mutual funds. For those who have an account with Fidelity, the site provides excellent online reports and real time stock quotes.

Like yahoo.com, this website is a useful source of investment news and research.

* www.investors.com
This is the Investor’s Business Daily website. For most investors, it is the most accessible and comprehensive tool for technical (momentum) trading and the current information necessary to do it. It is also an outstanding educational resource for all equity investors. It is written in PLAIN English.

* www.kipplinger.com
This is Kipplinger Magazine’s website. This magazine provides very useful information on mutual funds and other personal finance subjects.

* www.marketsmith.com
This website is associated with Investors Business Daily and www.investors.com. It contains excellent charts and technical analysis information in a well organized way that saves time.

This is the website for Money magazine. It contains articles on personal finance.

Morningstar rates mutual funds. This website requires a fee for the ratings and a detailed analysis of each mutual fund. Your broker’s website should offer the Morningstar ratings (but not the detailed analysis) for free.

www.stocktradersalmanac.com This is Stock Trader’s Almanac’s website. This annual hard cover publication is an invaluable resource for stock investors who need to understand seasonal trading patterns. It is written in PLAIN English and its information is arranged around a desk calendar so that investing notes can be made to coincide with the trading patterns.

This is an excellent source of new insights into value and technical investing. It provides an overview of investing that permits drilling down into other websites, such as investors.com for details. It also contains detailed information onODDS-ON InvestingTM, the TEEN Millionaire Movement, The B-A-D Baby Millionaire seminar, and let's you print free copies of the TEEN Millionaire Planner.

Like Google finance, this website is a useful source of investment news and research.

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