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TEEN Millionaire Clubs:

Even experienced investors find it helpful to have a support group to challenge each other, to motivate each other, to answer questions and to create networking opportunities.

In high school and college a Teen Millionaires’ Club can create and foster an environment for mutual support, learning and exchange of ideas as young people begin their journey to "buy" their economic freedom by becoming millionaires.



To create a mutually supportive, learning environment in which young adults can learn to achieve their savings and investing goals.


Club’s Initial Resource Requirements:

  1. Club Sponsor: For example, an instructor interested in helping teens to learn to be financially independent.
  2. Business Partner: A Service Club such as Rotary which has a designated member who is present at the club meeting to offer suggestions when asked, and who can help Teens network to find jobs to earn money to save.
  3. Meeting location: Usually a school room.
  4. Meeting Time(s). (Perhaps once or twice a month depending on desire to exchange information and speaker availability.)
  5. Officers...President, Vice President, Secretary.
  6. Board Members, including Officers and Key Committee Chairperson, such as a Program Committee (for Savings and Investing) and Membership Chairperson.
  7. Meeting Agenda

Potential Meeting Agenda Items:

While every club will be different, here are some agenda ideas:

  1. Officer and Chairpersons’ reports.
  2. Savings Bragging: Time to Brag about saving successes. Discuss opportunities to earn money for savings.
  3. Savings Help: Time to ask for help and ideas to earn money for saving.
  4. Investing Bragging: Time to brag about investing successes, e.g. good mutual fund ideas.
  5. Investing Help: Time to ask for help in investing.
  6. Continuing Education Ideas.
  7. Business Partner Input: For example, What can the Business Partner do to help with work networking opportunities?
  8. Speaker or Member presentation: Presentation on a Saving or Investing topic, or a review of good websites, investing books/magazines or other information resources.
  9. Set Next Meeting Agenda, Location and Time.

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