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You are working hard to earn your degree.
Soon you will be working hard to earn a living.
But, will you be buying your economic freedom,
or will you be a slave to debt that steals your freedom?

The choice is yours.


TEEN Millionaire In Colleges:

Whether graduating from community college or a big name university:

What could be more important that giving the young person who is beginning his or her first full time job a fair shot at financial independence—freedom for less than $8 per day?

In my experience young people in both community college and universities love the insights provided by this two and a half hour presentation because they have not been introduced to these practical ideas before—or, they had not been as focused as they are now that they will soon be entering the world of full time work.

In October 2008, we took the first step toward helping College students (regardless of their major) to learn the three secrets to becoming financially independent. In most cases they never learned these three secrets in high school, college or from their parents. We taught them how to become free—and, we taught them how to do it for under $8/day (age dependent). The first edition of a new 2 1/2 hour Millionaire (College Edition) at Parkland College in Champaign, IL. was well received, and gave those in attendance insights on what they could do to "buy" their own economic freedom beginning with their first full-time job. 

The program is even more powerful if the students with a sponsor start a YOUNG Millionaire Club at school to mentor each other in forming the habits that they can continue after they graduate.

College students or educators, are welcome to contact me for information on how to implement these ideas on your campus.

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