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Teen Millionaire Movement: Resources and Links
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* Investors Business
The Wall Street Journal


* Kiplingers Personal Finance ($14.95/Yr)
Money ($14.95/Yr)                        


* The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach (How to save automatically)
* The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me by Richard Paul Evans (How to save)
How Buffett does It by James Pardoe (Intro to value stock investing)
* Mutual Funds for Dummies, Wiley Publishing
* The Tao of Warren Buffett by Mary Buffett & David Clark (Insights to value investing)
* The Stock Trader’s Almanac by Yale & Jeffrey Hirsch, John Wiley & Sons (Excellent insight into seasonal market patterns.)
The Successful Investor by William J. O’Neil (Technical Analysis by IBD’s Founder)
Rich Shareowner, Poor Shareowner by Will Marshall (Fundamental Analysis)
Money Ain’t Free by Will Marshall (Current Issues in Stock Market & Economy)


* The Bloomberg channel-a useful real-time source of Wall Street thinking on market movements-streams on and is on X-M and Sirius satellite radio.


Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC on cable or satellite is background info.
CNBC carries an entertaining money show, Mad Money, with Jim Crammer which is a good exposure to stock market terminology and concepts, as well as, a source of stocks for further research. BUT less than 5% of his recommendations are worthwhile.


Margery Philson's student, Kyle, in San Francisco found the Saving Tips on the "Secrets of Skateboarding" site helpful, so we added that link for others.

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