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The TEEN Millionaire Planner:



Step 1




Becoming a Millionaire isn’t about money.
It is about being able to make your own choices in life—to have freedom.
Wanna-bees will not become millionaires.
You have to decide that you are GOING TO BE a Millionaire,
and that you are going to use the simple road map contained in your TEEN Millionaire Planner.

Your commitment to becoming a millionaire is a commitment to yourself, not to anyone else.

Your millionaire journey begins when you print and use the TEEN Millionaire Planner.



Click below to download and print your personal copy:



Comments about the TEEN Millionaire Movement and Planner:

From a Parent: "Your work on the Teen Millionaire Movement generate(d) a lot of discussion in our house. My two boys talked at length about what it means to work, save and invest. These are topics they don’t spend much time thinking about. I am going to use if often in the future when we are discussing what to spend and invest."

From a Parent: "Thank you so much for this Bill. I think it is so timely and I am going to go through it with the girls. I'll be in touch with any questions but wow--I think it is great!"

From a Grandparent: "Thanks for the interesting Planner. I now have a grand daughter - I will have to get her started on this."

From a Parent: "I have one daughter graduating from the U of I this next year and another at Northwestern, so I will be sure to discuss this with them!"




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